Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Set Paths for TortoiseSVN Icon Overlays

TortoiseSVN icon overlays can be quite a resource hog if it is used in all your Windows drives and directories (which is the default). You can optimize it by specifying the drives or directories that need the overlays (e.g. your development directory that is using SVN), by using the method below:

Right click anywhere in Windows Explorer > TortoiseSVN > Settings > Look and Feel > Icon Overlays >

  • Drive Types: Only tick on drives that have SVN files.
  • Exclude paths: Set paths that do not have SVN files (separated by new line). E.g.:
  • C:\*
  • Include paths: Set paths that have SVN files (separated by new line). E.g.:
  • D:\*
  • Click OK.

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