Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Online Syntax Highlighting Using ToHtml.com

Just want to share a source code syntax highlighting tool I discovered recently that is easy to use and supports many different languages, even the rare ones.

The steps are rather straight forward. Just go to ToHtml.com, paste your code inside the "Source Code" panel. Then choose your language type and hit "Highlight". In a short while your code will be formatted into the "HTML code" panel, which you can just copy and paste directly into your web site or blog. In addition, you can also select the style you want, and preview the formatted output.

There is no worries on any special characters like > or <, it will take care for you as well.

Originally I was trying to use SyntaxHighlighter, but after spending much time troubleshooting, it just won't work on this blog. I'm not sure where I did wrong, maybe I will give it another shot when I have more time to spare. However, for now, I think this online tool already can fulfill my needs. Cheers :)

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